who are we?

I am a craftsman with a passion for antiques. We are already 28 years in business, but the passion goes earlier than that. Passed on from generation to generation, this knowledge ensures that you antiques will be restored to old glory.

Complete dedication

No job too difficult

We offer a lot in this area. From glueing to replacing, from the making of keys, to making of ornaments.

What do we do?

Since 1988, we restore your antique with attention to detail.

Owners history

My roots are in Chile, i was born in Santiagoe, the capital of Chile. My father always had a thing for antiques, en collects it. Antique furniture, horse carriages ,en a lot of small items, wich he restored himself. I often helped him with his restorations, and he even opened a museum. Click here to visit the website of museo Stom (Spanish)>